How to Create an Online ROI Report for Brands and Sponsors


There are several essential aspects to be taken into account when we prepare an online report that can justify the investment made by brands and sponsors. Not all aspects are necessarily related with the social and digital media, but can be anything that adds value to the brand or sponsor working with our company. Other ways to use this work would be to attract potential brands or sponsors, achieving a bigger and better understanding with our current partners and becoming stronger in our agreements.

This is our current situation in several projects with brands such as Pioneer, Music On, Amnesia Ibiza, Seat, MTV, BlackBerry, RA or Coca-Cola and others. This is why I’ll share some of the things we’re working on with these and other satellite brands when we create Online ROI Reports.


Online Objectives/Measurements

– Website: online visits to the website in places where there is a presence of the brand and banners.

– Facebook: Facebook fans exposed to other brands and the same sponsors.

– Facebook posts: the impression made by the post, including all the post’s analytics.

– Post comments regarding the brand on Facebook: total number of comments in the partner brand’s posts.

– Twitter followers: Number of followers leading to the brand.

– Brand retweets: total number of retweets with brand mentions.

– Traffic generated: visits generated by the different existing sources of traffic.

– Fans/followers gained: total number of fans and followers that the brand has gained thanks to the actions/campaigns carried out by our company.

– YouTube: the brand’s appearances and views, including the logo, appearances and mentions.

– Online contests: number of contests carried out with the brand and the results of these contests, especially the users’ testimonials and feedback.

As you can see, I include primary measurements such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Others will come. We’re currently experimenting and trying out new measurements and results in other platforms.

Return Actions

– A list of all media coverage throughout the year: TV, press, online/offline communication. It is a good idea to get hold of media samples with positive mentions of the brand. Also with regard to negative mentions: these will help us improve but they will be for internal use only, not to show to the public.

– Total sales per week, traffic per week, purchase intention per week. Also, the type of public: primary (e.g. 18-30 ABC1), secondary (e.g. 30-35), etc.

– The average spending per customer is also an interesting figure to obtain.

– How many people purchased peripheral products: merchandising, pictures, DVDs, music…

– It can also be interesting to deliver a CD, DVD, pen drive or Dropbox with pictures and videos where the brand appears and in what context. It would be advisable to include screen prints and live links as it will help in assessing the increase of the same social object in real time.

– Communication elements used to strengthen brand image: artwork, bill boards, etc.

– Report the brand’s growth in its social platforms and the percentage exposure of each of them. Exposure = Impressions / scope.

– Total number of likes, comments in campaigns and contests.


Remember to be as granular as possible when you provide information of this sort. If you don’t have much of the information I mention here –which is quite likely- then substitute it with other information that may also add value.

Always use a reporting system that is convenient, easy to fill-in and understand. Some of the places I work for, like BlackBerry (UK/Ireland) for instance, use reporting templates that are quite complex, so it’s better if you deliver your results in a simplified format.

The results obtained should be included in a presentation that shows the potential of the actions carried out and their different elements in such a way that will guarantee the strategy’s success. The aim is to motivate the brand or client to continue with their commitment to our work.

What do you think? Was this helpful to you? What other measurements would you add? How do you do your Online ROI Reports?

Isra Garcia-socialmediatoday


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