Email Marketing

If developing a successful email marketing program seems overwhelming, trust stingray to develop, manage and measure eco-friendly, paperless campaigns that improve ROI—and resonate with new and returning customers.

At stingray, we work with your company to craft powerful email communication that (1) engages users at a personal level, (2) encourages immediate action, (3) improves customer retention, (4) maximizes profit, and (5) generates real time, measurable data that are useful for refining and improving your sales approach. To perform effective email marketing, stingray™ will:

  • Determine the effectiveness of email marketing for particular market segments
  • Design compelling HTML emails based on your business branding, style and industry vertical
  • Store contacts in an easily accessible database, enabling you to select user lists and dates/times of emails
  • Monitor promotion success rates through live tracking and instant reporting

stingray email marketing services and solutions position your company to gain valuable feedback while driving traffic to your door, converting leads to sales, and attracting new customers.

Features of stingray Email Marketing Campaign Management
Email marketing is a cost-effective, successful tool for small businesses and large corporations alike, and stingray email marketing agency packages offer a full spectrum of features to maximize your ROI. Packages include:

  • Comprehensive list and database management
  • Targeted audience segmentation (based on demographics, geographic location and behavioral attitudes)
  • Engaging copy writing and design strategies
  • Timely email executions and optimized delivery
  • Tracking and analysis of responses, bounces and opt-outs
  • Removal of opt-outs and invalid email addresses