stingray drives the right visitors to your business through search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search advertising

We Use Effective Paid Search Techniques and Technology

In addition to our SEO methods, we use our expertise in paid search to run ads for your business that work to generate revenue (not just clicks) for your marketing dollars.

Diverse Ad Placements and Formats

The most effective ad placements for your business may come from the major search engines – or they may not. We use our proprietary algorithm to determine the combination of placements and formats for your particular business. We place 75% of our ads on Google AdWords™ and 25% in social media media network

Site-Side SEO

  • High-performance organic SEO results
  • Comprehensive keyword evaluation
  • Link analysis and recommendations
  • In-depth monthly ranking reports
Link Building

  • Potent, high-value links
  • Targeted, substantive content
  • Influential link partners
  • Increased brand visibility
Local Search Optimization

  • Convertible, geo-targeted listings
  • Regionally specific keywords
  • Affordable yellow pages replacement
  • Ideal for small, hometown businesses