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Target Your Customers in the Streets with Street Intercept Distribution Services

From flyers and circulars to postcards and product samples – all of which can be circulated on the desired targeted streets or neighborhoods.

Street Intercept Distribution can be creatively effective with imaginative campaigns. For example, if company has a mascot, we can have our team dress up as that mascot. If there is a certain color that is connected with the product, service or web site, we will color the streets with your message. Remember, there are no limitations with stingray.

Door To Door Distribution. Direct-response advertising is one of the fastest-growing areas.

Direct-response advertising is one of the fastest-growing areas of advertising and promotion. By reaching out to smaller, targeted audiences, advertisers have improved their creative approaches to utilize more fully the strengths of direct response. It is targeted communication. Unlike most media, the advertiser determines exactly who will be reached by the sales message.

All our distribution is carefully monitored, supervised and verified via field checkers with: two-way radios to our base station, distribution sheets indicating the area of distribution completed for all jobs and checking reports which are carefully reviewed by our supervisor management team.

Research shows that a properly executed direct response campaign will reach a much higher percentage of prospective customers and produce more sales than mass advertising.


  • Educate consumers about a new product, service or website
  • Communicate product features and benefits
  • Differentiate a product, service or website from its competitors
  • Build brand name, brand loyalty, brand recognition & brand preference
  • Show that a person has a need that was unknown before & the product fulfills that need
  • Develop new customers and attract Net surfers
  • Provide short-term product movement
  • Instill long term image
  • Maintain customer contact
  • Identify your best customers
  • Gain consumer awareness and acceptance
  • Enhance the commitment of an ethnic group
  • Increase public awareness of an organization
  • Solicit participation in a user group discussion
  • Urge people to take a particular stance on a political or social issue
  • Provide locations of local retailers and addresses of websites carrying the product or service

Get your products in your customers hands via Packaged Product Samples Distribution Services

As anyone knows, for a product to be successful it has to sell itself. This is the philosophy behind product sample distribution.

Sampling is the free distribution of a product to a prospect market. It virtually guarantees that consumers will try a product. It can be used to either introduce a new product or penetrate new markets with an established one. These sampling programs can be accompanied by coupons for future purchase.

Research indicates three times as many people use a coupon received through a sampling program than coupons alone. It stimulates trial of a product, increases sales volumes in the early stages of a product’s life cycle and obtains desirable distribution. Examples are Food Items, Household Needs, Shampoo, Makeup, Perfume, Pens and much more.